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Wales Walking Football Sqauds for England Matches 3rd March 2019

By Wales Walking Football, Feb 27 2019 05:37PM

The Welsh squads for the walking football matches being played against England at St George's on 3rd March are:

50+ A and Shadow Squad:

Kevin Smith

Chris Jones

Ed Allan

Kevin Mcnab

Allan Owens

Andrew Evans

Alan Whiston

Jim Gray

Nigel Lewis

Scott Bendle

Richard Owain Jones

Graham Perry

Sean Daly

Adrian Mcgregor

Mike Alves

Stephen Roberts

Stephen Evans

Mark Fisher

Mark Roblin

Russell Thomas

60+ A and Shadow Squad:

Gareth Richards

Les Thomas

Owen Morgan

Jeff Davies

Alan Carter

Gareth Downing

Clive Hyland

Farag Alfutmani

Graham North

Bill Gordon

John Pritchard

Phil Treharne

Taff Lovesey

Gareth Jones

Richard Owen

Gareth Davis

Peter Hazeldine

Steve Picton

Stuart Mackay

Dan Griffiths

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